Ubisoft gave fans a sneak peek at “Beyond Good & Evil 2’s” gameplay during a Twitch livestream on Thursday.

During the broadcast, senior producer Guillaume Brunier, director Michel Ancel, and associate creative director Emile Morel shared the pre-alpha work-in-progress footage of a female pirate jumping from ship to ship and fighting enemies with a quarterstaff. The developers admit the video is “too short” and said they’re saving some things for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. But, they point out the footage they did show isn’t scripted, there are no loading screens, and everything in the game world is seamless.

“Everything is connected,” Ancel said. “You can do everything anywhere at any time.”

BG&E2” takes place during a “golden age of piracy,” the developers said. Players can create their own pirate captains and recruit from a wide variety of humans and anthropomorphized animal/human hybrids. Everyone they meet in their adventures could potentially become part of the crew, even enemies, they said, and each crew member will have a role to play on the ship.

The developers also spent some time during the stream detailing the game’s timeline and how it fits into the wider lore of “Beyond Good & Evil.” Since it’s a prequel, it takes place years before the events of the first game, but after the birth of “BG&E1” protagonist Jade. That means newcomers can play it without feeling too lost. “BG&E2’s” plot revolves around a mysterious gateway in space and will reveal more about the origins of Jade and the hybrids. But, will it resolve the cliffhanger that ended the first game?

“Yes and no,” Ancel teased.

The developers said over 120 people at Ubisoft are now working on “Beyond Good & Evil 2.” It doesn’t have a confirmed release window or date yet, but more information will undoubtedly come during E3 next month.