Torchlight Frontiers” brings the colorful world of “Torchlight” back to the spotlight with a new gameplay trailer that showcases its classic role-playing roots.

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the first bit of gameplay we can expect from the upcoming sequel to the well-received “Torchlight” series in a new trailer. Developer Echtra Games has crafted a colorful world steeped in personality, with a wide variety of enemies, allies, and environments to traverse.

Much like the previous “Torchlight” entries, players will work together with their friends and pets to conquer a vibrant set of areas chained together with dungeons, ruins, and a selection of other interesting locales meant to test players’ skills. The ever-changing worlds will offer different challenges for each playthrough, which should offer a heaping helping of replayability for those looking to get a little more mileage out of the title.

With Runic Games out of the picture following the studio’s closure in November 2017, the franchise has a new shot at life once more, and Echtra looks to be the right team for the job, if this new gameplay trailer is any indication.

Torchlight Frontiers” is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though there isn’t a proposed release date for the upcoming follow-up to the popular role-playing series. The original “Torchlight” first debuted in 2009, and its 2012 sequel expanded further with a co-op mode that allowed up to six additional players to explore a sprawling shared fantasy universe.