Top Twitter game-related tweets during E3 2018 included “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” “Kingdom Hearts III,” and “Fallout 76,” among other upcoming games.

Twitter released the stats surrounding the biggest gaming expo, which wrapped up Thursday, on their blog. The week of E3 came with a 94% increase in gaming-related tweets on the site, and almost 15 million tweets related to E3.

Other top games that had Twitter abuzz were the new trailers and gameplay glimpses for Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us 2” and Kojima Productions’ “Death Stranding,” both revealed at Sony’s Press Conference.

Despite the popularity of those titles, PlayStation didn’t even crack the top three in terms of general topics. The most tweeted topic was Nintendo, with Xbox right after. Super Smash Bros. took the number three spot, followed by Fallout and then PlayStation at number five.

Nintendo seemed to have Twitter the most excited of all of the press conferences, with their press conference on June 12 coinciding with the highest spike in E3 conversation on the site and a total of 890,000 E3-related tweets.

With that in mind, it’s not too surprising that the E3 moment which generated the most Twitter activity was Nintendo-centric: the release date reveal of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” for the Nintendo Switch, which is coming out Dec. 7, by the way. The brawler took the spot for number two most tweeted moment as well, as Ridley was announced as a playable character for the title. The third spot goes to “Elder Scrolls VI” teaser trailer reveal from Bethesda’s conference.

In other statistics, the United States tweeted the most about E3, with Japan, the UK, Spain, and France following.

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