Tiny Metal,” the “Advanced Wars”-like from developer Area35 and Sony publishing label Unties, is receiving a free update that delivers its online multiplayer mode to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The update also brings with it an extension to the story-driven campaign entitled Act V, which introduces six new missions.

The online mode features 11 maps that can be played with friends online. The mode does require a Nintendo Online account to play on the Switch.

The game, which usually sells for $24.99, is currently 50% off on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and 60% off on Steam.

“Tiny Metal” drops players into Artemesia 50 years after the great war, following the assassination of the king. The turn-based strategy game features 15 unit types, the ability to level up hero units, terrain bonuses and a new game+ mode. Composer Tomoki Miyoshi created the game’s soundtrack.

“’Tiny Metal’ already delivers a great single player experience with deep, nostalgia-inducing gameplay reminiscent of ‘Advance Wars,’” Hiroaki Yura, the game’s director at Area35, said in a prepared statement. “Now we’re taking it a step further, enhancing what’s already there while opening it up to the new opportunities for fun and strategy that can only come from playing against another human being.”