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THQ Nordic Acquires ‘Carmageddon’ IP From Stainless Games

THQ Nordic announced on Monday that it acquired the “Carmageddon” IP from Stainless Games.

This acquisition will likely result in the first new “Carmageddon” title in two years. Previously, Square Enix Europe held the “Carmageddon” rights for some time thanks to the chain of events that lead to its founding. Stainless Games stepped in and bought the rights back in 2011. Original publisher SCi (owned by Eidos at the time) put “Carmageddon 4” on hold for reasons that weren’t specified at the end of 2005. Ultimately, this resulted in Square Enix Europe retaining the “Carmageddon” rights until 2011

After Stainless Games bought back the rights, it launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a new entry in the series: “Carmageddon: Reincarnation.” The Kickstarter was successful, but the product was hardly well-received. Neither was its most recent sequel, “Carmageddon: Max Damage,” released in 2016. The cult favorite series was then left to languish for a bit, until now.

“Carmageddon” is a series similar to that of “Twisted Metal,” where players are encouraged to be aggressive and violent with competitors, pushing them off the road and sending them into a fiery blaze to secure a victory. It was a controversial release when it first debuted in the late ’90s due to its violent content.

It’s not clear whether THQ Nordic is planning a revival of the classic series with a modernized reboot or if there’s a new game entirely in the works, but it’s likely we’ll be hearing more about the announcement in the coming months.

This is the latest acquisition in THQ Nordic’s IP-purchasing spree, as the publisher has announced there are about three dozen unannounced games waiting in the wings at present. Its latest release is “Darksiders III,” which debuted on Nov. 27 to lukewarm reviews.

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