‘This Is the Police 2’ Adds Tactical Combat

This Is the Police 2,” the sequel to the 2017 adventure-strategy game, will include turn-based tactical combat, developer Weappy Studio announced Friday. The new gameplay mechanic is similar to the combat popularized by the “XCom” series, where players can choose different positions and adapt to changing outcomes.

“Police Chief Jack Boyd, the protagonist of ‘This Is the Police,’ was too deeply mired in bureaucracy to pay much attention to field tactics,” the developer said in a press release announcing the new mechanic. “But in Sharpwood, a cold  frontier town where a young woman named Lilly Reed has recently become sheriff, you’ll need to take a new approach: you’ll have to take your cops under direct control during particularly difficult and dangerous missions.”

Boyd’s team won’t always be professional law enforcement agents. Sometimes, the developer says, he’ll only have what’s available to him, such as “drunk and stupid bums.” When playing “This Is The Police 2,” the focus, unlike other games with similar mechanics, isn’t just to kill every adversary. Rather, since Boyd’s an officer, the goal is to arrest suspects. Should the worst case scenario happen, however, players must be careful when engaging in combat. “This Is The Police 2” will not have hit points, Weappy revealed, and one bullet can be the end of a character.

“Every challenge requires the player’s direct participation on a tactical combat scene, and the outcomes will depend on every decision you make,” the developer added. “Now your subordinates aren’t just some resource; they are living people with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and prejudices, and you’ll have to reckon with all these things in order to survive.”

This new mechanic isn’t a deviation from the original game’s formula; it’s an addition. Like its predecessor, “This Is The Police 2” will mix narrative and management mechanics with the new tactical combat when it’s released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

“This Is The Police” was originally announced via Kickstarter, seeking $25,000 and raising over $35,500. Despite this player interest, and the reveal of “Duke Nukem” actor John St. John playing the role of Boyd, the game received mixed reviews, with critics praising its visuals and narratives but finding fault with its repetitive gameplay.

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