The “Destiny” lore will soon be bound in a hardcover book titled the “Destiny Grimoire Anthology,” Bungie announced Thursday on its Twitter.

For players, the “Destiny” lore could be unlocked via Grimoire Cards, but had to read the unlocked stories online (and off-game)– Not exactly the most ideal way to immerse players into the world. While there were “threads” of the story hidden throughout the game, as Bungie puts it, to get the deeper story players would have to engage with content outside of the game.

This fall, the “Destiny” lore can make its way to fans’ bookshelves, in what Bungie calls a “must-have collectible lore compendium designed and assembled for Destiny’s devoted and enlightened scholars and lore lovers, as well as fans of fantasy and science fiction storytelling.”

The first volume of the anthology is now available for pre-order on the Bungie store and costs $24.99.

“Until now, the myths, mysteries, and machinations of the Destiny universe were found hidden throughout the worlds – enticing threads that hinted at a greater tapestry,” the store description reads. “The Destiny Grimoire Anthology weaves tales from multiple sources together for the first time, casting new light on Destiny’s most legendary heroes, infamous villains, and their greatest moments of triumph and tragedy.”

Players of “Destiny 2” can rest assured Bungie is not switching to the book publishing game – publisher Activison confirmed that a “major expansion” is coming to the game later this year.