AMC and Next Games’ augmented reality mobile game “The Walking Dead: Our World” is getting a slew of new weekly content beginning Oct. 8.

The game will welcome new content to coincide with the Season 9 premiere of AMC’s live-action “The Walking Dead” TV series beginning on Sunday, Oct. 7. Characters, exclusive missions, and rewards will debut alongside the new episodes, with unlocks guaranteed when players complete a series of new quests in-game.

There will be a selection of new single-encounter and group encounter missions known as Infestations as well, where players will be required to complete series of three to five missions to rack up bigger and better prizes. New missions will be rotated in every following Monday on a weekly basis.

AMC and Next Games have teamed up with actors Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) to put together a series of shorts that go along with “The Walking Dead: Our World,” with fans getting to watch these extras in tandem with experiencing the game’s new content released every week.

“The Walking Dead: Our World” utilizes location-based augmented reality technology to bring walkers into the real world. Players tackle walker infestations and take on rescue missions while battling alongside popular characters Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. It’s playable on the go while out in the real world, much like Niantic’s wildly popular “Pokémon Go.”