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New ‘The Sinking City’ Trailer Has Big Lovecraftian Mood and Face Tentacles

Publisher Bigben released a new gameplay trailer on Tuesday for Ukrainian developer Frogwares’ open-world, Lovecraftian-inspired investigation game “The Sinking City.”

Well, they call it a gameplayer trailer, but there’s very little gameplay to be found in the 1 minute, 30-second video. Not unless “The Sinking City” is actually a creepy shaving simulator.

The trailer focuses on 1920s private investigator Charles Winfield Reed and his deteriorating mental state. As he shaves in a bathroom mirror, tentacles sprout from his face. He slices them off. Are they imaginary? Perhaps. There are also glimpses of the game’s setting of Oakmont, Massachusetts. Once a trade harbor known for its lucrative smuggling business, it’s now isolated from the rest of the world thanks to unprecedented flooding of supernatural origins.

“The Sinking City” is not an official adaptation of Lovecraft’s works, Frogwares said in an April Q&A video. “It’s more like an expansion of his universe by devoted fans of his novels,” said community manager Sergey Oganesyan.

Frogwares is perhaps best known for its series of “Sherlock Holmes” adventure games. Like that franchise, “The Sinking City” focuses heavily on investigation. As Reed, the player will poke around crime scenes, talk to witnesses, track down killers, and other detective-y things. But, “The Sinking City” is also a more ambitious project, as it takes place in a full-scale open world with a main story and sidequests. There is a proper combat system and a number of unlockable skills, Frogwares said. The studio is aiming for 30-40 hours of gameplay.

“The Sinking City” is scheduled to release on Mar. 21, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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