Human Head Studios on Thursday shared more details about its elusive new title, “The Quiet Man”, including a brand-new gameplay trailer.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Square Enix producer Kensei Fujinaga confirmed the new game will retail for $14.99, and offer “approximately” three hours of live-action cinematic gameplay.

“We’ve shared very little about the game so far since our announcement at E3,” Fujinaga stated. “In creating ‘The Quiet Man’, we wanted to take on an all-new challenge and opportunity in creating a game of high visual quality in a short compact gameplay experience that players could enjoy for a low price point. We wanted to create something unorthodox – a live action film, where you can take the role of the protagonist.”

Believing “it’s something we feel that’s never been done before at Square Enix”, Fujinaga detailed more about the silent game, stating the mystery game will have “intense and brutal combat”, the events of which will transpire in a single night.

“The Quiet Man” features no heads-up display (HUD) to detract from the cinematic experience, enabling you to find and solve clues based on character interaction, not words. Using the square button deals out single or light attacks, circle enables you to grapple and throw enemies, while triangle dishes out heavy damage. Chaining all options will trigger combo attacks.

“One of the main points we wanted to highlight in this game is the wide variety of combat – seriously, the combinations of grapples, attacks, and combos are amazing!” Fujinaga concluded. “They are all directed by action expert Tatsuro Koike, who is famous for being involved in properties like the Yakuza game franchise and the Power Rangers TV series.”

“The Quiet Man” will be available digitally on PC and PlayStation 4 and PC but as yet, there’s no concrete release date. Players will take the role of deaf protagonist Dane “as he fights his way through a ‘soundless’ world” in a game intended to be completed in a single sitting.