Indie developer Terry Cavanagh ( “VVVVVV” and “Super Hexagon”) is creating his third commerical game, “Dicey Dungeons,” he revealed on his blog Tuesday.

Cavanagh said he’s been working on “Dicey Dungeons” for nearly three months. Details on it are scarce right now. It’s apparently rogue-like with three playable classes. As the player moves about the dungeon, they use six-sided dice to determine damage during combat. The game will likely have a total of six classes in the final build.

“You can also expect the final build to have a LOT more polish, much better balance and a lot more content,” he said. “Once I have the six final classes, my focus will be on making those as good as they can be.”

Cavanagh said he’s currently searching for an artist and a musician to add to the team, and he believes the project will take another three months to develop. He expects to release it on Steam first, then he’ll look into porting it to iOS and Android “shortly afterwards.” But, people who don’t want to wait can try an early web-based build in their browsers — for now, at least.

“Since this is going to be commercial, at a certain point it makes sense to stop releasing builds of the game for free,” Cavanagh said. “I’m not really sure when that point should be, but probably before I have all six classes in there. So, probably within the next month or so.

He added, “It’s been amazing, sharing builds every two weeks, warts and all. One of the big reasons this whole thing has been going so well is because that process is so good, and because I’ve lucked into an amazing community of people who are playing each update, and giving me amazing feedback on it.”

Everyone who has participated in the “Dicey Dungeons” community before Tuesday’s blog post will get a free copy of the game as a token of appreciation, Cavanagh said.