Telltale Games released the dates players can anticipate the remaining three episodes of the final season of “The Walking Dead.”

The developer and publisher of the episodic zombie game released the dates via Twitter on Wednesday. This is not the common approach for Telltale Games, which, in the past, generally left players in anticipation with vague release times and firm release dates given closer to launch.

The first episode of the final season, Done Running, released on Tuesday. For players who have finished and are eager for the next episode, they are going to have to be patient. Episode two, Suffer the Children, isn’t arriving until Sept. 25, more than a month later.

Episode three, Broken Toys, will release Nov. 6 and the final episode, Take Us Back, gets a holiday release of Dec. 18.

Telltale Games did leave a little disclaimer of “Dates subject to change” at the bottom of its post, but at least we have a solid schedule to refer to for now.

For players who can’t handle cliffhangers or just find the episodic experience less immersive, there’s always the option of waiting until all episodes are out to play the final season. While you’re waiting, check out Variety’s interview with the final season’s lead writer James Windeler.

If you’re ready to dive in, you can also build a save file in case you’ve played previous installments on different consoles.

Having the release dates for “The Walking Dead” ahead of time is handy, but the next question for Telltale is when we’ll get a release window smaller than 2019 for “The Wolf Among Us 2.”