Episode two of “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” will release as scheduled, Telltale Games said Monday night, and the company is in talks with potential partners to wrap up and release the final two episodes of the season as well.

“Multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see ‘The Final Season’ through to completion,” Telltale wrote on its official Twitter account. “While we can’t make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes 3 and 4 to be completed and released in some form.”

The announcement comes days after the surprise news that Telltale Games was all but shutting down, laying off 250 of its roughly 275 employees and shutting down development on all its titles with the exception of the port of the “Minecraft: Story Mode” it is in the process of making for Netflix.

Co-founder Dan Connors told Variety that the sudden decision to shut down was connected directly to a failed round of financing.

“The company was working diligently to close a round of financing,” he said. “Unfortunately, when the last potential financial backer abruptly pulled out, we were left in a position where we had no choice but to stop production. Sadly, everyone was so focused on doing what was required to keep the company going that when the last potential partner backed out, there were no other options.”

While Connors declined to note what company specifically backed out, several sources say it was possibly Lionsgate, which notified Telltale that it had decided to stop funding the studio so it could refocus on its core business.