Robert Kirkman, writer and co-creator of “The Walking Dead” hinted to fans at New York Comic-Con Thursday that a solution to properly wrapping up the final season of Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead” was in the works and that Skybound Games was involved, Gamespot reports.

“Stay tuned,” Kirkman told a fan who asked about writing Clementine into the comics to resolve her story. “Everyone involved is trying to make sure Clementine’s story is told. I’m not concerned at the moment with telling that story in the comics.”

Reached for comment Thursday, Telltale CEO Pete Hawley told Variety that the studio, which was all but shut down last month, was still going through a lot and that he planned to make another statement in the next few days.

“We’re working 24/7 to get a [‘Walking Dead’ game] deal done,” he said.

Thursday afternoon Rachel Noel, a narrative director at Telltale Games, tweeted that the skeleton crew that wasn’t laid off last month when 250 people were let go from Telltale had been laid off too. Thursday evening Noel tweeted that there had been a misunderstanding about her earlier message and that her team was let go, but that there were “still good people at the company.”

As Variety first reported, Telltale Games’ sudden catastrophic laying off of nearly all of its 274 employees with no notice, no severance, and barely a week’s worth of health care came just a day after two potential investors walked away from potential funding talks in September.

Both AMC and Smilegate were in discussions to invest in Telltale Games, a deal that management had been working on to essentially save the company. But both backed out the same day, leading to Telltale essentially closing the company.