Surgeon Simulator CPR” is coming to Nintendo Switch, developer Bossa Studios announced on Wednesday.

As yet the studio is unable to provide a concrete release date, but promises there’ll be “an exact date for launch very shortly” before teasing that the Switch version will bring “a whole new meaning to the term ‘operating on the go'”.

The game has you play as would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, who uses a “less-than-conventional toolkit”—such as hammers, buzzsaws and laser pens—to perform a range of bloody and brilliant operations. This latest addition to the developer’s gory Surgeon Simulator series will include co-op gameplay courtesy of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and features all the original content from the A&E Edition, plus the Alien Autopsy mode, too.

“Surgeon Simulator” originally launched on PC back in 2013, and has since been released on PlayStation 4, PSVR, mobile devices, too, before this latest release on Nintendo Switch.