“Donkey Kong Country” villain King K. Rool is joining the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” roster as a playable fighter, Nintendo announced Wednesday during the “Smash”-focused Nintendo Direct, in addition to a swath of other character reveals.

The “king of the kremlings,” so to speak, has been a popular fan request for some time, and he’ll bring some unique moves along with his fearsome countenance to the game. He’ll utilize a blunderbuss to fire cannonballs at unsuspecting enemies, and throw his crown as a projectile.

Meanwhile, “Monster Hunter’s” fearsome Rathalos will be joining the game as a series-first boss and Assist Trophy. The formidable behemoth brings most of its moves from “Monster Hunter” over to terrorize players by breathing fire, raining it down on enemies, and assaulting them with wing attacks as well.

There are a few other additions as well. “Metroid’s” Dark Samus and “Fire Emblem’s” Chrom are coming to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” as Echo fighters. Both characters will be available as part of the game’s burgeoning roster, and playable alongside previously-announced Echo fighter Richter Belmont.

Echo fighters are playable, cloned versions of other characters with different skins, voice lines, and outfits. Dark Samus, Chrom, and Richter Belmont will play identically to other characters from their respective games. Chrom will be the Echo Fighter for Roy, Dark Samus will be modeled after Samus, and Richter Belmont will take after Simon.

You can find Echo fighters as separate fighters via the character select screen, and they’re typically just above their “original” characters. You can swap between them as you like via the characters elect screen.

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has assembled an extremely impressive roster, with every character from prior games returning to make a splash in this one. It’s coming as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will be available as of Dec. 7.