Insomniac Games’ 2014 action-adventure “Sunset Overdrive” is finally available on PC after four years of Xbox exclusivity.

Not only is it available digitally via the Microsoft Store and Steam, there’s a physical edition as well. Publisher THQ Nordic said it had to wait patiently for the big reveal to happen in order to go out with the physical copies of the game.

“So now, as we are unleashed, it is about time to do the impossible: Right after our sendout of this press release, retail listings should start to go live, the factory-sealed brand new boxed versions of ‘Sunset Overdrive’ will leave our warehouse to pop up on a retail shelf near you by next week,” THQ Nordic said.

The physical edition of “Sunset Overdrive” costs $20 and includes the post-apocalyptic single-player campaign, a weapons pack, and two bonus expansions: Mystery of Mooil Rig and Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines. As of this writing, the digital edition is not live yet on Steam or the Microsoft Store, so pricing options there are still a mystery.

The game takes place in 2027, where a contaminated energy drink has turned most of the population into toxic mutants. It features a colorful open world, non-playable character factions, an assortment of strange weapons, an 8-player co-op mode called Chaos Squad, and more. It was well-received by critics when it first launched, with many praising its visuals, humor, traversal system, and combat. It won a few awards that year as well, including IGN’s Best of 2014.