Last month, Strauss Zelnick replaced Richard Parsons as the chairman of the CBS Corp. board of directors, but that hasn’t changed his focus on Take-Two Interactive and his leadership there, he said during Take-Two’s earnings call Wednesday.

Zelnick said his role new role at CBS is specifically “interim and non-executive, so you have to think of it as a board seat.” Zelnick became the chairman, chief executive officer of Take-Two Interactive, which owns video game development labels Rockstar Games and 2K Games as well as Private Division, following a takeover in 2007.

“Take-Two is where my head and my heart remains,” Zelnick said when his new role at CBS came up during the earnings call. “I’m really proud of what the team here has accomplished in the last 11 years.”

Zelnick went on to note that Take-Two Interactive, which recently published “Red Dead Redemption 2” to record-breaking sales and critic acclaim, has about 4,300 employees and that he’s proud of everything the company as a team achieves.

“My primary job is to make sure that we constantly have a fantastic strategy backed up by an amazing culture that this remains the place of choice for people who want to do the very best work in entertainment,” he said. “And that when they are here, they get to pursue what they’re passionate about because more often than not, that yields the kind of results that we’re talking about today. So, I’m really grateful to be able to do this every day and I’m quite – and to be specific, entirely committed to continuing to do so.”

Parsons cited health reasons as his rationale for leaving the role at CBS. The company has been recreating itself in the wake of CEO Leslie Moonves being forced out following a pair of New Yorker articles in which several women alleged he made unwanted sexual advances to them over the course of several years. CBS hired two law firms to probe the accusations, some of which Moonves has disputed. The company’s next annual meeting is set for Dec. 11.