Developer Rebellion is offering a substantial peek at its pulpy co-operative action-adventure “Strange Brigade” in a new, extended gameplay trailer.

“Strange Brigade” takes place in 1930’s Egypt, where Seteki the Witch Queen has risen along with an army of undead monstrosities. The game can be played solo or with up to three other players, each one controlling a unique character. Gracie is an explosives expert with a mean uppercut. Nalangu is a spirit warrior who can drain the life from enemies. Archimedes is a scholar who can discover hidden secrets, while Frank is a sharpshooting treasure hunter. Each character has access to supernatural abilities and a wide variety of weapons and upgrades.

The extended gameplay trailer also offers a look at “Strange Brigade’s” horde and score attack modes. Because of course a game with mummies is going to have a horde mode. Players in Horde Mode earn gold by killing enemies and can use it to unlock new weapons or parts of the level. This adds a bit of tactics to all the shooting and killing. Do you splurge on the flamethrower, which has limited use, or do you save up to open new areas with loot? Score Attack, meanwhile, is a fast-paced mode that’s all about killing large numbers of enemies as quickly as possible. Like the story campaign, these modes can be played solo or with friends.

While nothing in the trailer is truly groundbreaking, “Strange Brigade” looks like it could be a campily fun co-op experience for anyone who fondly remembers the 1999 film “The Mummy” (or the 1932 Boris Karloff film it was based on). It comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Aug. 28.