The Steam storefront will feature holiday deals including free daily items starting Thursday, Valve announced via a press release.

The theme for Steam’s 2018 sale is the “Extremely Cozy Cottage of Surprises,” and this will be the 12th annual winter store for the leading digital PC game distribution platform. The sale will offer deals on 15,000 games, according to a press release, and will run until Jan. 3.

Perhaps in line with the theme, Steam users will have the chance to “open a new door and receive unique Steam Community emoticons, wallpapers and/or in-game items from community favorite Steam games, as well as some consumable digital items of questionable utility from Valve,” according to the press release.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what deals will be offered up in the sale. But, even if they can’t find any enticing deals, Steam users can still participate in the festivities by voting for their favorite games and developers in the Steam Awards, the results of which will be announced in February.

Steam isn’t the only storefront offering up deals this holiday season. The GOG.com winter sale also runs through Jan. 3, and players can get “Fantasy General” free with their first purchase during the sale as well as a digital copy of “Everspace” for anyone who spends at least $15.