‘State of Decay 2’ Adds New Content With Daybreak Pack

'State of Decay 2' Adds New Content With Daybreak Pack

Undead Labs’ open-world zombie survival game “State of Decay 2” is getting a selection of new content by way of the Daybreak Pack.

The Daybreak Pack is new add-on content that will add an all-new siege defense game mode with new missions, rewards, and zombie carnage that has players suiting up as a Red Talon soldier who can take on the zombie hordes with up to three friends.

Players drop in to defend Red Talon tech through increasingly difficult waves of zombies. It’s essentially a “horde mode,” the footage of which was shown off during Gamescom 2018. Your community exists separately from the mode, so there’s no concern about dealing a major blow to the work you’ve put into building things up.

A new Juggernaut will be entering the game, tougher than the regular Juggernaut, but is infected with the Blood Plague. Each round takes about 45 minutes, during which you can perish from the Blood Plague.

If you die, you’ll simply respawn as a new soldier in around 13 minutes. Clad with the best gear possible, you’ll be protecting a technician working on a satellite uplink who’s calling in air strikes and leaving drops out in the field.

The content drop is coming on Sept. 12. “State of Decay 2” is currently available on Xbox One and PC. You can