“Star Wars Battlefront II” is dedicating an entire season of content to everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder Han Solo, publisher Electronic Arts announced Wednesday.

The Han Solo Season starts May 15 with a return to Jabba’s Palace in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains mode. New, unannounced content inspired by the upcoming “Solo: A Star Wars Story” will come out in June.

Other notable Solo Season activities include a new round-based elimination Hero Showdown mode where players can take their favorite duos into 2 vs. 2 battles. There are also new appearances inspired by the opening act of “Return of the Jedi” and a custom arcade mode where players can fly Starfighters from all eras of the “Star Wars” universe.

EA said it will have more to share about the upcoming “Solo: A Star Wars Story” content in June.

“Battlefront II” caused controversy when it launched last year with a loot box and microtransaction system many fans felt was expensive and unfair. The furor drew the attention of politicians around the world. The Netherlands’ Gaming Authority recently found four out of ten loot boxes it studied violated its Betting and Gaming Act, and it’s now giving game publishers until June 20 to comply with the law. Meanwhile, three game developers in South Korea were fined nearly a million dollars by that country’s Fair Trade Commission for deceiving customers. Some U.S. lawmakers are considering their own regulations, calling loot boxes in video games a form of gambling for children.

EA’s stocks seem unaffected despite the controversy. Fiscal 2018 was “a year of strong growth and continued transformation,” CEO Andrew Wilson said. The company reported a slight increase in net revenue in its fourth quarter this year, up 3.3% to $1.58 billion compared to the same period last year. Wilson added it’s committed to loot boxes despite the recent rulings and it plans to “push forward” with it.