The in-development massively multiplayer “Star Citizen” has reached an impressive $200 million via crowdfunding, announced via an open letter from founder Chris Roberts of Cloud Imperium Games on Saturday.

Roberts noted the wide scope of the community, as there are backers from 171 out of 193 countries that brought the grassroots project to life. As the amount of backers grew, so too did the development team.

“You have watched us grow from a handful of people to a global staff of over 500, across 5 studios, 4 time zones and 3 countries,” Roberts wrote in the the Letter from the Chairman. “Some of the best talent in the industry is working on ‘Star Citizen’ and ‘Squadron 42,’ most of who [sic] are gamers that are inspired by your passion to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

“Squadron 42” is the single player campaign set in the same persistent universe as “Star Citizen.”

While “Star Citizen” is playable now under its Alpha version 3.3, but the full release of the game is still undetermined at this point, though Roberts seems positive about progress made.

“We are getting closer all the time to having a living, breathing persistent universe,” Roberts wrote. “And as we close out this year, I look at the technology we must complete to achieve the vision and realize we are nearer to the end than the start.”

Cloud Imperium is keeping backers informed via its roadmap, which charts past and future updates in detail. Some of “Star Citizen’s” most ambitious updates, such as its face tracking feature, were released in recent months. The face tracking feature maps players  faces through a webcam and displays them via the in-game avatar.

Starting Friday, Cloud Imperium has a Free Fly event in celebration of the sixth year of development and the release of Hurston, the first explorable planet in the in-game universe. This will be a chance for players to try out various ships and “Star Citizen” for free until the promotion ends on Nov. 30.