For anyone who has $27,000 burning a hole in their wallet, Cloud Imperium has posted the Legatus Pack for “Star Citizen,” their continuously in-development MMO. The pack includes 117 ships and 163 in-game extras, including posters and skins.

Actually, make that $28,000. Only players who have reached Concierge status, meaning they’ve spent $1,000 first, will be able to view the Legatus Package. So users seeing a 404 error are not alone. To see the full list of what’s available, visit the “Star Citizen” forums. If the extra $1,000 to pledge towards the title’s development puts you over the line on your budget, you can also call Cloud Imperium customer support to purchase the package separately.

“Star Citizen” made news outside of the gaming industry in 2014 when it entered the Guinness Book of World Records “not as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, but as the largest crowdfunded anything of all time,” to quote Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts. In reference to the incredible amount of funding the title has received, Roberts noted that he intends “all the money we bring in before launch to be spent on development.”

In 2014, “Star Citizen” had raised just under $40 million via crowdfunding. To date, the MMO has over 2 million backers and has raised over $186 million USD.

For those who don’t have thousands of dollars to burn, “Star Citizen” Alpha 3.1 is available to play now and they have ships starting at the more reasonable rate of $45.