First-person shooter/survival horror game “Stalker 2” is officially happening again, developer GSC Game World revealed Tuesday.

There are no details about the game yet. The “Stalker 2” website just lists a launch date of 2021. It will likely be a while before we see the game in action — if we see it at all.

The “Stalker” series takes place in an alternate timeline where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in 1986 created deadly mutated creatures and other horrors in a zone around the blast site. The area is cordoned off by the military, but fortune hunters called Stalkers sneak in to search for unique artifacts.

GSC first announced it was working on “Stalker 2” in 2010. It canceled the project two years later. It explained in a Facebook post it and its investors were unable to come to an agreement with the IP rights owner. The team added it was working on “Stalker 2” without pay while it scouted new investors because it was dedicated to the project, it said in a follow up post.

“Sadly we could not gain legal rights to the franchise,” it said at the time.

The “Stalker” team opened a new studio called Vostok Games and moved onto a new project, a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online FPS called “Survarium,” which released in 2015.

GSC reopened in 2014, but instead of reviving “Stalker 2” it worked on “Cossacks 3,” a remake of its 2001 real-time strategy title “Cossacks: European Wars.” There was no word about the “Stalker” franchise until today, when the website quietly sprang to life.