Square Enix announced that the company has become a 20 percent shareholder in indie game developer Bulkhead Interactive.

Bulkhead Interactive is the same developer behind games like “The Turing Test” and “Battalion 1944.” The team will continue to work as part of a collaboration with Square Enix Collective on the upcoming “Battalion 1944” while it remains in Early Access ahead of its official launch in 2019. Bulkhead will also be working on a new IP for Square Enix, which details will be announced on when the project is further on in development.

Currently, Bulkhead has two studios: Bulkhead Dark Horse and Bulkhead Phoenix. It’s uncertain at this point which studio will be working on Square Enix’s new IP, or what the IP will involve, considering the titles Bulkhead has worked on in the past included a puzzle title and shooter.

“I’m really excited that we’re taking this step to deepen our partnership with the team at Bulkhead,” said Phil Elliott, Square Enix’s director of Indie Publishing. Bulkhead CEO noted that the collaboration is a “great next step” for the studio as it expands and begins to “search for new talent” to join the team. Phil Elliott will be joining the Bulkhead Interactive board of directors as the representative of Square Enix Ltd.

The Square Enix Collective program debuted in 2015 in a bid to assist smaller independent developers with access to publishing services and getting the projects completed in the first place. It has been distributing and publishing a wide variety of titles since April 2016.