Splash Damage is no longer actively developing or updating its free-to-play online shooter “Dirty Bomb,” it announced on the game’s official website Thursday.

“After regaining publishing rights for ‘DB’ nearly two years ago, we staffed up a load of developers and tried our best to deliver a ‘Dirty Bomb’ experience that would be feature-rich with tons of new content, while maintaining its great gameplay feel & balance,” Splash Damage said. “Unfortunately, despite all the added time and resources, there were some challenges we couldn’t overcome, and we were not able to make ‘DB’ the success that we hoped it could be. The bottom line is that we can’t financially justify continuing to work on the game we love.”

“Dirty Bomb” launched in June 2015. Splash Damage marketed it as a game that “won’t hold your hand, in fact it is more likely to kick your teeth in.” It has no controller support or aim assist. “All that lies between you and certain death is player skill and reaction,” according to the game’s Steam description.

Splash Damage will stop working on the game after it ships a bug fix build in the coming weeks. It also said it will refund the All Merc Pack DLC to everyone who bought it by Jan. 31, 2019, since it won’t be releasing any additional content. The money players spent will go back into their Steam wallets and the unlocked Mercenaries will stay in their accounts. Meanwhile, the servers will remain open as long as there is a meaningful number of players using them.

While “Dirty Bomb” development is coming to an end, Splash Damage said it’s future is bright and it has many announced and unannounced titles in production. It’s currently helping Microsoft and The Coalition with “Gears of War 5” and “Gears Tactics.”