Once people are done saving Manhattan in “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” they can go right back to web slinging and selfies. Developer Insomniac is adding a new game plus mode soon, it revealed during a conversation with a fan on Twitter Monday.

Insomniac hasn’t offered any details about what it’s working on. If it’s like most New Game Plus modes, it likely won’t include additional content but might let players carry over suits, gadgets, and skills.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” launched on Sept. 7 and is already the fastest-selling game of 2018 in the U.K., beating out “Far Cry 5” and “God of War,” according to GamesIndustry.biz. It’s also reportedly the fastest-selling Marvel game ever. There’s no word yet on how well the game is doing in the U.S. or other regions.

Variety’s reviewer, Alex Kane, said the game “is in some ways one of the finest open-world action games ever made, despite how often things proceeded in obvious, predictable ways.”

“‘Spider-Man’ is a game that plays it safe — but the overarching rhythm of soaring through urban environments, thwarting crime, and taking on a host of iconic baddies is spectacular,” he wrote.

“Ultimately, ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ feels like the first entry in an ambitious and promising new series. Making it all the more unfortunate it didn’t do more to subvert expectations, or to pay off some of the more exciting possibilities it seemed to be gesturing toward — and it will likely always exist in the shadow of ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum.’ But its masterful web-swinging and its undeniable sense of joy make for an experience that’s more gratifying and eminently replayable than anything seen from a superhero game in years.”