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‘Days Gone’ Developer Sony Bend Hiring for Upcoming Triple-A Project

'Days Gone' Developer Sony Bend Hiring

Days Gone” developer Sony Bend has its hands full with a new triple-A project, if a new job listing is to be believed. It’s still very early on in the development process, of course, but it appears the studio is working on two games simultaneously at the moment, one with its zombie apocalypse adventure “Days Gone,” and another to do with color, or a game that heavily features mechanics revolving around it.

“Days Gone” isn’t set to release until Feb. 22, so it appears Sony Bend is maximizing its output by hiring a Senior Concept Artist to work on another title. Some of the responsibilities that the individual hired for this role include creating artwork that “dictates the lighting and color palette throughout the game,” which the listing states is “integral” to the entire game. There’s also the mention of “new IP visual explorations for future game titles,” which is clearly a forward-looking statement for projects out of the studio later on down the line.

Beyond some of the position’s expected responsibilities, there isn’t much information in the listing about what kind of game is currently in the works, nor what type of gameplay mechanics it may include. Interestingly, the listing doesn’t reference any new IPs, which is typically the case when listings pop up seeking assistance to work on a new title.

If not “Days Gone,” or content related to it, it’s curious as to what this new job posting may indeed be referring to. It’s entirely possible that the studio could be prepping for DLC for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, or taking over an existing IP from another studio. There will likely be additional details coming further down the line as we march closer to the zombie-laden action game’s debut in winter 2019.