When Shuntaro Furukawa takes over as president of Nintendo on June 28, he said his highest priority will be to “accelerate the momentum behind Nintendo Switch and to expand the business” during a recent investor Q&A.

The Switch had a great first year, selling over 17 million units worldwide as of March 31. Nintendo estimates it could sell 20 million more in the coming year. It also shipped over 10 million copies of “Super Mario Odyssey,” over nine million copies of “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” and over six million copies of “Splatoon 2.”

Furukawa said his other priorities include expanding Nintendo’s mobile games business, which the company wants to turn into a “pillar of revenue,” and expanding the number of people exposed to Nintendo IP via the theme park and movie projects currently underway.

Furukawa is replacing retiring president Tatsumi Kimishima, who was appointed in 2015 following the death of Satoru Iwata. Kimishima had high praise for his successor during the investor Q&A, calling him a person with “extremely strong inner fortitude.” “He has clear and articulated opinions, he understands the Nintendo point of view, and he can express that to everyone in his own words,” he said.

Once Kimishima departs, Furukawa said the company will be run by members of a new executive management committee under a “next-generation collective leadership system.”

“Mr. Kimishima has shown through his own actions what it means to manage a company collectively rather than relying on the efforts of a single person, and I understand my role as one of continuing on that same course,” he said.