Tripwire Interactive is bringing its shark-themed action-RPG “Maneater” to the Epic Games Store in 2019.

The game, which lets players take on the role of a killer shark, will debut on the Epic Games store and release on other PC platforms 12 months later.

“Epic are doing something unheard of for digital distribution platforms – they are taking risks by putting money back into the independent development ecosystem via funding some games. This allows developers to take bigger chances and make better games than they would be able to otherwise. That’s a win for everyone,” said Tripwire Interactive CEO John Gibson.

“Maneater” first debuted during E3 2018, showing off footage of players searching the waters for their next victim. It’s set in the waters of the southern US Gulf Coast, where players fight to survive in rivers, streams, and the ocean. It’s kill or be killed in this strange tale of revenge as one particular shark works to take on the hunter that stole its family away. It’s all about giving humans a reason to fear what lurks in the deep. Players can customize their shark and explore swampland, sunken wrecks, and cruise through the ocean to find their next meal. Little by little the shark will evolve to become even more ferocious.

Currently, there’s no set date for when “Maneater” will join the Epic Games Store, but players can look for it there in 2019.