Universal Games is testing a new mobile game that lets players interact with their favorite characters from movies and television shows like “The Breakfast Club,” “Saved By The Bell,” and “Law & Order,” it announced on Wednesday.

Developed in collaboration with Endless Entertainment, “Series Your Story Universe” (a title in desperate need of a colon) is an interactive storytelling app that features new content inspired by NBCUniversal’s portfolio of film and television properties. Players can create and customize an avatar and star in “original, authentic storylines” alongside “Saved By The Bell’s” Zack and Kelly, “The Breakfast Club’s” John Bender and Claire Standish, and more. Like many interactive stories, it features player decisions that impact the narrative. Universal Games said it will add new episodes on a regular basis.

“Storytelling is the soul of what we do at NBCUniversal, and ‘Series Your Story Universe’ will elevate the way players experience a narrative-based game, by letting them direct how they want their stories to be told,” Chris Heatherly, executive vice president of Games and Digital Platforms, Universal Brand Development, said in a press release. “Featuring a captivating mix of genres from across NBCUniversal’s film and television properties — from comedy and romance, to drama and reality television — fans can look forward to interacting with some of their favorite genre-defining characters.”

The game is currently available for a limited time on Google Play for testing purposes. It’s live in Canada starting today, a Universal Games rep told Variety via email, and it will launch in the U.S. and Australia by Friday.

It’s expected to launch on both Android and iOS in early 2019 with episodes based on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules,” “Saved By The Bell,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Law & Order.” Universal said it will announce other film and television titles at a later date. Here’s hoping for episodes where you pull off a heist with “The Blacklist’s” Red Reddington and visit “The Good Place” with Arizona trash bag Eleanor Shellstrop.