More content is coming to “Sea of Thieves” in the form of a new expansion, The Forsaken Shores, Microsoft revealed Tuesday.

Joe Neate, executive producer at Rare, explained how the game’s most recent content update, Cursed Sails, is being received so far in an interview at Gamescom aired on Inside Xbox.

“It’s been great to kind of see how players have been getting on with this [new content, such as] the creative use of mechanics with the skeleton ships,” Neate said. “[There has been] loads of great feedback and there’s also been stuff we’ve learned.”

Neate explained how Rare is using this feedback to bring a new expansion, Forsaken Shores.

In Forsaken Shores, players will explore a “perilous” land of volcanoes, which will sometimes be dormant and other times very, very active.

The raining rocks and sudden geysers add extra obstacles for players in Forsaken Shores. Players will have to decide the best way to get through, whether that means finding a cave for shelter or braving it in the open seas.

Rowboats will also be an important feature in the new expansion, which players can use creatively, from filling with loot to using them to maneuver the heated water around active volcanoes. They can also choose to fill them with traps, such as explosives, and send them along like floating Trojan horses to enemies.

Merchants will have a new quest, called Cargo Runners, according to Neate. NPCs will give requests for players to fill.

In this quest, merchants will have to be careful about storing valuable items. For example, expensive cloths will need to be stored in such a way to avoid moisture (so storing at the bottom of the ship in case of flooding is a bad idea), whereas plants will need to be watered over a journey and players will have to factor that in to fulfill these requests.

The new content in Forsaken Shores hits on Sept. 19 — which Neate claims is “coincidentally” also International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Gamescom 2018 is heating up, as the five day event kicks off Tuesday. More is sure to be revealed before the event concludes Aug. 25, and you can read all the highlights right here at Variety.