Publisher Raw Fury took to Gamescom 2018 on Tuesday to show off the ethereal upcoming title “Sable,” which has been dated for late 2019.

The indie exploration game will feature a wide variety of ways to interact with the environment, including hover bikes, ancient ruins dotting the landscape, and a soothing soundtrack from the artist Japanese Breakfast to tie it all together.

“Sable,” which originally made its debut during E3 2018’s PC Gaming Show, is a tastefully muted and gorgeously animated adventure game inspired by artists like Moebius (“The Incal”). Players take on the role of a young wanderer, the titular Sable, who’s tasked with exploring a large desert planet.

Labeled as a “coming of age” tale, the game will find Sable encountering several others throughout her journey, though it does seem as though the game will feature other surreal exploration elements as well. It has a wistful, lonely feel that

“Sable” is coming to Xbox One and PC, and it marks the first effort from indie studio Shedworks.