The world of online survival game “Rust” is often bloody and brutal, so its latest update is adding a safe space where players can just BBQ and chill.

The “Compound Update” introduces two big new features to “Rust.” The first one is, naturally, a secure compound. Inside, players trade, craft, or just hang out — as long as they don’t attack or loot anyone. If they do, heavily-armed scientists and their turrets will mark them as hostile and use lethal force. A player’s hostile status persists across death in an attempt to prevent grieving, developer Facepunch Studios said.

“It’s probably going to be gamed pretty hard, so we’ll have to just keep iterating, but this will bring a new dimension to the game that we’re very excited to see play out,” Facepunch said. “We originally intended for people to set up these kind of zones with peacekeeper turrets, but after a year and no one bothering, we took matters into our own hands.”

The second big feature is scuba gear. Players can now find a full set from crates around the island. Each piece has its own unique function and stat bonus. The goggles let players see underwater, for example, while the tank lets them breath while submerged for 10 minutes. Facepunch is also giving people a reason to use the gear. There’re now dive sites throughout the game world, rock formations and sunken ships where people can find respawning loot.

Additionally, the “Compound Update” brings some new anti-cheating measures. Hacking is a common problem in online games like “Rust,” and Facepunch said it’s aware of how bad the issue has been this year.

“There’s no excuse for us not addressing these for as long as we have. We simply haven’t held up our end of the deal,” Facepunch Studios’ André Straubmeier said. “Hacking is never going to be solved entirely and I’m sure we’ll see new or unknown ways hackers can do their thing over the next few weeks, but we’re committed to doing what we can on our end so the situation will never again be as bad as it has been for the early months of this year.”