Rocket League” players will have an all new way to earn rewards with Rocket Pass, according to a news post on the official website.

Psyonix is releasing a free and paid version of Rocket Pass “later this summer,” both of which will feature unlockable rewards for players to earn.

The free version rewards will unlock automatically, earning players new customization items, such as player banners, and decryptors, which are used to unlock crates found in-game.

The Premium Rocket Pass, which costs $9.99, will include extra customization content, such as car bodies and new premium titles.  The paid pass will also allow players to progress through the ranks more quickly by gifting them with experience boosts, which will multiply the XP earned for the duration of their rocket pass and also will award them with various XP bonuses.

The passes will be available on all platforms— PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. Items obtained as a result of the passes will be tradable, with the exception of things like titles.

Every level up during Rocket Pass will also result in a Pass Tier being award to the player, and this will result in even more rewards. As a part of their summer roadmap, Psyonix announced in May that they would be overhauling their progression system. As a result, the leveling up in “Rocket League” will be re-balanced, and levels will require a set amount of XP rather than each level taking a progressively higher amount of XP to earn. In the Rocket Pass report, it is noted that high-level players will earn these new Pass Tiers at the new, balanced rate as well.

The overhauling of the leveling up system is one of the updates intended to address the concerns of players, which have dropped this past year from 36,000 to about 27,000. Rocket Pass is one of several new additions game director Scott Rudi is implementing this summer, including an XP penalty for players who leave matches early to avoid a loss.