The drop rates of crates in the popular game “Rocket League” were revealed by developer Psyonic in a blog post Monday.

The drop rate is a point of discussion pretty frequently on online forums, such as the “Rocket League” subreddit. So maybe the developers wanted to make it more clear to ease the fans’ speculation.

The drop rates for the “five Customization Item rarity levels” are below, courtesy of Psyonix:

  • Rare Item: 55%

  • Very Rare Item: 28%

  • Import Item: 12%

  • Exotic Item: 4%

  • Black Market Item: 1%

The chances of receiving a Painted or Certified attributed items are 25%.

Psyonix further notes that these rates have been unchanged since the Crates and Keys system first appeared in September 2016, and these rates apply to all crates and crate series.

The crates in “Rocket League” use a three-step process to determine the contents. First, the system picks one of the five rarity levels (Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, or Black Market) based on the supplied percentages. Then, the item within the rarity level is chosen. All items within the same rarity level group have an equal chance of getting dropped. Lastly, whether the item has Painted or Certified attributes is chosen.

Psyonix further noted that any future changes will be revealed on its blog.

“Rocket League” has had a busy summer. Psyonix just celebrated its third birthday July 7 with an in-game event and is in the process of overhauling the game’s progression system and the upcoming release of Rocket Pass.

Though “Rocket League” released in 2015, the game is still holding its own in popularity, and reached the 40 million player mark in January of this year.