Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind “Titanfall,” are working on more than one new game with Electronic Arts due out by next holiday season, the publisher noted in an earnings call Tuesday.

Blake Jorgensen, the company’s COO and CFO, said the news that the developer is actively working on more than one title for 2019 was an “easter egg” in the call, likely because it wasn’t meant to be revealed. He declined to say anything more about the unannounced game, other than to say that it would be talked about in the fourth quarter earnings call.

Electronic Arts acquired Respawn on Dec. 1. The company was already working on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” when the acquisition happened. According to Respawn’s jobs page, the studio is currently hiring for their development teams working on “Star Wars,” “Titanfall” and an unannounced VR game. It’s unclear if this is one of those or another project.

Much of the earnings call was dominated by EA’s discussion of “Anthem,” which both Jorgensen and EA CEO Andrew Wilson believe will do very well when released on Feb. 21. Both said they believe it will do much better than originally expected.

The other major topic of the call was Project Atlas, the cloud-gaming service Electronic Arts first unveiled at E3 earlier this year, and gave an official name to this week.

Electronic Arts’ second quarter, which ended on Sept. 30, saw an increase of revenue to $1.29 billion, up from $959 million over the same period last year, the company announced Tuesday.  CEO Andrew Wilson said that the strong quarter was powered by four EA Sports titles, updates to existing games, and esports.

Those four sports titles, “Fifa 19,” “Madden NFL 19,” “NBA Live 19,” and “NHL 19,” were the only major games released by EA in the quarter. “Battlefield V” is coming in the next quarter and “Anthem” in the final quarter of the fiscal year.