Rockstar Games released a new gameplay trailer for “Red Dead Redemption 2” on Thursday, exploring the various systems at play in the game.

The trailer, which features an abundance of gameplay accompanied by a female narrator, discusses how Rockstar Games is looking to create a “deeper” open world that’s “more detailed and open” than ever.

This new footage acts as something of an introduction to gameplay systems, setting the stage in America’s heartland swamps, forests, towns, and developing cities.

As previously stated, you play as Arthur Morgan, part of the Van der Linde Gang. The game, as it seems is all centered around the interpersonal connections he’ll have with the other gang members. The story takes place in 1899 America, where the authorities have been working to round up outlaw gangs, including the Van der Linde gang. After a robbery goes haywire, they’re being tailed by federal agents and bounty hunters, so they’ve got to hightail it out of the city of Blackwater to safety.

Once out of danger and settled in a new makeshift camp, they can share stories around the campfire, eat, sleep, and otherwise interact with each other. They’re Arthur’s “family,” each with their own storyline to explore throughout the game. You’ll continue to build out the base as the game goes on from there and improve it beyond its initial iteration.

Though previously Rockstar Games has shown off cinematic trailers, this is the first time any gameplay has been shared. Before Thursday’s new reveal, fans had to be content with scrutinizing a trailer from May 2, which has been streamed over 25 million times. It contained a selection of footage that introduced Dutch van der Linde’s gang sitting around a campfire, a few risky heists, and other tidbits forming a rough outline of the game’s plot.

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is currently scheduled for release on Oct. 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There’s another gameplay trailer currently in the works, which Rockstar Games has teased for the near future, which should detail more of the systems players can expect to see in-game.