By most accounts, including our own, “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a masterful, sweeping game of the dying Wild West and both an apt prequel to the original “Red Dead Redemption” as well as one of the best video games developer Rockstar Games has ever made.

But not everyone has the interest in meticulously role-playing their way through a 40 to 60 hour game of intertwined relationships, meaningful plot lines, and telling character growth. Sometimes you just want to slap on a holster, hop on a horse, and kick up some trouble.

Fortunately, Rockstar suspected that might be the case and included a slew of cheat codes for the game which will allow you to quickly get to the plot-free fun without having to do much in the way of character progression.

The cheats, using any of which will temporarily turn off your ability to earn achievements, trophies or even save the game, are simple sentences that you enter into the game’s menu on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Most of them don’t even have requirements. The ones that do are mostly figured out and involve buying a newspaper in particular parts of the West or in certain chapters of play.

We’ve listed all of the known cheats with their requirements below. To use them, simply pause the game on the console, go to settings and then press the button to go to cheats. You’ll see the option in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once there, simply type in the sentence for the cheat you want to unlock to make them available.

Enjoy your cheating and let us know if you find any others to add to our chart. If treasure hunting is more your speed, then check out this fun guide.

Name Code Requirement
Unlock Level 3 Dead-Eye I shall be better None
Unlock Level 5 Dead-Eye I seek and I find None
Call horse from anywhere Better than my dog None
Spawn race horse Run! Run! Run! None
Drunk mode A fool on command None
Refill all bars You flourish before you die None
Spawn Wagon Keep your dreams simple None
Infinite Ammo Abundance is the dullest desire Purchase New Hanover Gazette No. 27 in Valentine
Unlock heavy weapons Greed is American virtue Purchase newspaper in chapter 3
Map Reveal You long for sight but see nothing Purchase newspaper in chapter 3
Increase honor Virtue unearned is not virtue Purchase Saint Denis Times #48
Fortify all bars You seek more than the world offers Purchase Hanover Gazette #36
Spawn war horse You are a beast built for war Purchase Blackwater Ledger #72
Infinite stamina The lucky be strong evermore Unknown newspaper
Spawn circus wagon Would you be happier as a clown? Purchase Blackwater Ledger #72