Rockstar Games is working on lots of new features for “Red Dead Online” in early 2019, including some new anti-griefing measures, it said in a post on Friday. It’s also working to improve gameplay balance and add new modes and gameplay content.

While many “Red Dead Online” players seem to be enjoying their time with the game, others are sharing stories of griefing on social media and sites like Reddit.

“I can’t find a game without the first people I find immediately shooting at me,” said Reddit user DootDootMrBones. “Not one person so far has been a good person.”

“@RedDead_Online could you please do something with people grief killing you?” said Twitch streamer @CaptMaydayTV on Twitter. “I can’t even enjoy this game due to no way to go passive or stop them besides parlay for 10 mins, then once the 10 mins is up they come right back after you!”

“Man.’Red Dead Online’ is already infested with griefers because there’s LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE TO DO IN THE GAME besides grief … and I’m definitely speaking from experience,” tweeted @ChaunceyCC “All I do is kill other players and I’m not even that type of gamer.”

Rockstar said it will share more information about future updates in the coming weeks and months.

Additionally, the developer is thanking fans for their support with some free in-game currency. Everyone who’s played “Red Dead Online” from the beta launch through Thursday, Dec. 20 will get 15 gold bars. The bars will be delivered by Monday, Dec. 24. Rockstar is also thanking people who pre-ordered “Red Dead Redemption 2,” and those who bought either the Special or Ultimate Edition, with RDO$ gifts. Players should receive them starting on Friday, Dec. 21.