‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Update Brings Mid-Season Operator Changes

'Rainbow Six Siege' Update Brings Mid-Season Operator Changes

Ubisoft’s latest “Rainbow Six Siege” update introduces several changes for some of the game’s Operators.

The developer announced said changes via the official “Rainbow Six Siege” blog on Tuesday, marking the halfway point through the game’s Year 3, Season 3 programming (Operation Grim Sky) and detailed the alterations coming based on Operators Clash and Maverick’s pull n the game in addition to the operator Lion, which the post describes as “problematic.”

Lion is currently listed as part of an online petition demanding solutions and a potential overhaul later on in the game’s life. The post outlines two resolutions to improve issues with the character, such as removing his intelligence-gathering abilities or altering his drone’s ping to be more in line with the operator Jackal’s tracking ability, both of which are “short-term solutions.”

Both Clash and Maestro, Defender-class Operators, are being patched. Clash is being updated to “refocus” the character in ways that put her more in line with Ubisoft’s original plans. Her ALDA 5.56’s recoil is being altered so that its recoil is more in line with other LMGs in “Rainbow Six Siege,” while Clash’s weapon swapping speed is being doubled in addition to the length of time enemies are “shocked” being reduced to 0.5 seconds.

Additional changes, as well as explanations for why these changes were decided on via graph, can be found via the official “Rainbow Six Siege” blog as well as a full list of patch notes, lining out the complete changes coming with this update.