Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege” now has 35 million players, community manager Justin Kruger announced during the publisher’s E3 2018 press conference.

The game first launched in December 2015 and has steadily added new content. Operation Para Bellum officially begins today, Kruger said. It adds a new map and two Italian Operators, as well as a number of other improvements and additions, including deployable bulletproof cameras for some Defenders, universal Operator speed adjustments, and a new Pick & Ban feature that lets each team choose Operators to ban from being playable before a match.

Operation Para Bellum is also getting two new Defenders from Italy’s GIS, Alibi and Maestro. Alibi carries the Prisma, a device that can deploy and project Alibi holograms for use as decoys. Touch or shoot one of these and your position will instantly be revealed to your opponents for several seconds. Maestro, meanwhile, can deploy the Evil Eye, a remote-controlled turret that acts as a bulletproof camera and can also fire laser beams. The catch is that to fire them, the Evil Eye has to open its shielding, exposing it to attack. Both Operators are immediately available for Season Pass owners, and can be unlocked a week later using Renown or R6 Credits.

Kruger also gave E3 2018 attendees a sneak peek at an upcoming documentary about the game called “Another Mindset.” It will explore the lives and stories of some of the community’s best-known and most dedicated fans. It will premiere at the first annual Six Major esports competition in Paris beginning August 17.

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