A “Rage 2” teaser trailer hit the internet Sunday night, seemingly confirming the Walmart leak from earlier this month that the id Software shooter is in development.

Watch the short, colorful, completely off-the-wall video below.

It doesn’t appear to show any gameplay, but instead sets the tone for what will be a bizarre game.

Earlier this month, Walmart appeared to leak a slew of games when its storefront listed a bunch of unannounced titles as available for pre-order. Those games included “Rage 2,” “Just Cause 4,” “Gears of War5,” “Borderlands 3,” and “Lego DC Villains.” There were also placeholders for known sequels, such as “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2,” “Beyond Good & Evil 2,” and “The Last of Us 2.”

Since then, the official twitter account for the original Rage game has been hinting at a trailer reveal on Monday. It’s unclear if the trailer that hit the Internet Sunday night is the full trailer or a teaser for the announcement trailer.