Rage 2” will revisit the story told in “Rage 1” and confirm what happened after the original game’s divisive ending.

Talking at Avalanche Studios during a recent closed-doors “Rage 2” preview event, Tim Willits, id Software’s studio director, confirmed to Variety that while the sequel will continue the story of the first game, players new to the franchise will still be able to understand it, too.

“”Rage 2” is very different from “Rage 1″; it is truly a different experience from the original,” Willets said. “We set the fiction of the story far enough away from the original to give it an independent and unique story.”

“Rage 2” takes place 30 years after the events of the original game, and the world – complete with vegetation, swamps, and biomes – is no longer a wasteland.

“We also changed the main character to be someone entirely different, and in this game the main character has a voice and can talk,” added Willits. “You play as Walker, a character with their own past, and throughout the game Walker will mention important things about the world since “Rage 1″, helping players remember – or learn about – the history of the game.”

And that’s not all. Willits also confirmed that while the lead character is all new, some familiar faces from the original game will also appear in the sequel – including Dr. Kvasir.

“If players have not played “Rage 1”, or are unfamiliar with it, they should not be afraid of “Rage 2”. We will lay out the backstory of the first game and give players all the information they need to play “Rage 2′.”

“Rage 2” will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Q2 2019.