Id Software confirmed that “Rage 2” will not feature a battle royale mode.

During a recent closed-doors “Rage 2” preview event, id Software’s studio director Tim Willits was reticent about multiplayer plans, but did confirm to Variety that unlike the upcoming “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty” games, there are currently no plans to implement a Battle Royale mode in id and Avalanche’s latest shooter.

When asked about the possibility of battle royale, Willits laughed sarcastically, then said, miming writing up this interview: “Tim laughs sarcastically.”

“Our focus now is on creating the best single player game we can with hundreds of hours of gameplay; go anywhere, explore, have fun,” said Willits. “We understand that community is important in games today, and at a later date, we will talk more about some of our community efforts.

“And no, we don’t have Battle Royale in “Rage 2” – unless you go the store and there is only one copy of “Rage 2″ remaining and many people want to buy it!”

As for loot boxes? Variety has noticed different skins available for weapons across the “Rage 2” teaser trailers, and when asked how they’d be available to players – via crafting or a loot box system, perhaps – Willits replied: “Yes, we will have different skins for weapons, and your primary vehicles. We are still working through details of how you will acquire them. We believe these types of things can add a lot of personalization to the game and the player’s experience.”

“Rage 2” will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Q2 2019.