Players Discover Exploit in Newest ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Map

Players Discover Exploit in Newest ‘PlayerUnknown’s

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” finally welcomed its new Sanhok map with an official debut  on June 22 for PC users. It’s only been available for a week or so, and players have already found a part of the map that allows for a game-breaking exploit, Kotaku reports.

As it turns out, there’s a certain area in the southwest portion of Sanhok that lets you disappear under the map. Players can simply hide and wait there without being seen. It can be found outside a certain building in the Na Kham village, where there’s a bit of space between the ground’s texture and the actual ground do not meet.

This has given way to an area between the ground’s texture image and the layer that players can physically stand on with their character model. Stepping into this area will all but turn your character invisible, but the ability to take aim and shoot at players passing by still remains. This means you can stand by and pick off anyone who happens to be nearby, especially with long-range weapons. Most unsuspecting players will simply walk right by this trap and totally miss players lying in wait for them, and it means a few quick and simple kills for the attacker.

At the time of this story’s publication, it appears that the exploit is still live in-game, which will undoubtedly allow for countless frustrated players to be picked off, one by one, by those who learn about the exploit. So far, it doesn’t seem that PUBG Corp. has made any sort of official comment on the situation, but this is likely something that will end up being patched out in a future update.

As it stands, it’s certainly not a very honest or rewarding addition to “PUBG’s” heart-pounding and challenging battle royale game mode. It’s more like cheating, if anything.