Mobile battle royale hit “PUBG Mobile” had its best month yet in terms of player spending in November, according to mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Tencent’s battle royale title brought in an estimated $32.5 million worldwide in November alone, a 44 percent increase than October’s revenue, and 26 percent more than its previous best month in August. August found the title having earned around $25.7 million.

November’s spending rush looks to have been owed to mostly players in the United States, who were responsible for about 22 percent, or $7.1 million of the total revenue earned. Japanese players comprised around $6.4 million spent on the game, or about 20 percent. Breaking it down, it appears that players spent around $1.1 million a day on the game on average.

Though typically Epic Games’ Fortnite leads the pack in terms of spending on mobile, however, last month neither it nor PUBG Mobile toped the battle royale genre revenue. That honor went to NetEase’s Knives Out, which grossed around $52 million worldwide, owing much to a predominantly-Japanese fan base.

In November, the smartphone iteration of the popular battle royale game experienced a 166 percent jump in revenue, which meant that it surpassed “Fortnite” for the first time since it debuted on iOS devices.