“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” new island map has a new name — Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”) — a mishmash of the Thai word for “fun” and the Filipino word for “chicken.”

Developer PUBG Corp. revealed the map, codenamed Savage, earlier this year. It’s inspired by a wide variety of islands across southeast Asia, including some in Thailand and the Philippines. Members of the PUBG art team visited them earlier this year. It was the first time they scouted out a location specifically for the game’s development.

“Before this trip, there weren’t a lot of emotional attachments among the artists to the maps we create because it was ultimately based off references found on the web, and not on real life interactions,” the team said in a recent Steam post. “By physically being in the jungles and mountains in a humid Asian country, it not only made us imagine what the new map will play like, but we felt the breeze, we smelled the air, and we heard the sounds. All of these experiences are helping the team create a unique experience for you.”

“PUBG” is getting a new map selection feature soon, PUBG Corp. announced last month. It will allow players to vote for which map they want to before the start of a match. It’s a feature many players have asked for since the launch of the game’s second map, Miramar. A fourth map based in Russia is in production as well.

PUBG Corp. will begin testing Sanhok on Thursday at 7 p.m. PT. Everyone who owns a copy of the game will be able to try it out. The testing period ends on May 14 at 4 a.m. PT. The map will officially launch in-game in a “couple of months.”