Morgan Yu is taking his (or her) fight against the Typhon to the moon.

Arkane Studios is working on a bunch of new content for its first-person horror role-playing game “Prey,” publisher Bethesda announced during its E3 2018 press conference. It’s rolling out a huge update tonight that includes three new modes — Story, New Game+, and Survival. It also plans to launch new downloadable content called “Mooncrash,” an “infinitely replayable” game mode that randomizes all of the enemies, hazards, and loot each time you fire up the game.

Arkane posted a GIF teasing the new DLC on the Prey Twitter account back in March.

The studio also said it’s working on more DLC for later this summer called Typhon Hunter. Similar to Turtle Rock Studios online shooter “Evolve,” it pits five players against another player disguised as a mimic. It will be available as part of the “Mooncrash” DLC or in the “Prey” Digital Deluxe Edition.

“Typhon Hunter” also comes with a solo escape room VR mode called “TranStar VR.” It lets you step into the space boots of a TranStar employee to solve puzzles in “Prey’s” gorgeous environments. It will also be available later this summer as a free update with Mooncrash or the “Prey” Digital Deluxe Edition. “Typhon Hunter” will be available in VR as well.

Arkane Studios’ “Prey” came out in May 2017. Spiritually similar to games like “System Shock” and “BioShock,” as well as Arkane’s “Dishonored,” it was praised by critics for its sophisticated level design and narrative.

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